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Baby sleeping bag for baby

Baby Sleeping Bag

Baby sleeping bag Breathable, Thermo regulating & Moisture-Wicking made from natural & organic materials feels super-soft on little one’s sensitive skin

A breathable sleeping swaddle is important to make sure they don’t overheat, especially as newborns can’t regulate their own temperature. Sleeping bags also ensure that your baby doesn’t slip down with adjustable arm that hold them in place, so you have peace of mind that they’re always safe.

The main benefit is that unlike blankets, they can’t be kicked off by a wriggly baby. Kicked off blankets not only mean your baby might get cold but they may also pose a suffocation risk.

When your baby is older, having a sleeping swaddle might stop them from being able to climb out of the bed.

You can obviously also adjust what your baby wears underneath the sleeping bag, according to the room temperature. For example, if it’s ever over 25°C, your baby could wear just a nappy or a nappy and bodysuit underneath. And if it’s 15-18°C you could use a GOCHIKKO sleeping bag with a bodysuit and sleep suit.

Choose our GOCHIKKO baby sleeping swaddle made of breathable and airy cotton, which will prevent your baby from getting too warm there are varieties of bodysuit available for your baby to choose from our store.

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Gochikko makes baby swaddling wraps out of the softest linen with vivid designs and prints. The breathable, natural, and beautifully soft fabric will provide the best possible comfort for your child while also making your life easier.

  • Size: 71 cm in length and 33 cm in width.
  • Perfect for a newborn who hasn’t learned to roll over and loves to be swaddled.
  • Your newborn baby will be properly wrapped in a sleeping bag.
  • Material: Made of soft cotton for maximum comfort.

Care Instructions:
Machine wash, Do not Bleach, Hand wash

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