Baby Ring Sling Carrier Wrap

Baby Ring Sling Carrier Wrap

The western world has relatively recently started rediscovering the benefits of carrying babies close to the carer’s body using baby ring slings, baby warps and baby carriers. This approach of raising babies has been continually maintained by many cultures all over the world.

Researchers and physicians now accept that ‘baby wearing’ Baby Ring Sling Carrier Wrap is one of the most important factors in the healthy physical, intellectual and social development of infants.

This sling allows you to carry your newborn in the same position they have assumed in the womb, making it easy to make eye contact and see your baby’s face, whilst still giving you the freedom to bond and fall in love over and over again. Carrying your baby is very important, especially in the early days, as your baby gets used to their new surroundings. Later when they are ready to explore the world around them, your baby can sit upright and look out of the sling. Our wish is that your sling will help you and your baby experiences the joys of baby wearing.

Carry your infant in the sling the same way that you would in your arms – supported, snug and aligned. By mimicking the way you naturally carry your infant you will find:

• Infant’s preferred carrying position

• A hold that is soothing and calming for infant and wearer

• Decreased back strain on the wearer

• Infant in a correctly aligned position

Your baby’s safety to use Baby Ring Sling Carrier Wrap

  • Provide support to your baby when bending down or leaning over, as your baby could fall if unsupported.

• Examine your sling before each use for wear and tear, including rings that are cracked or ripped seams and torn fabric. Do not uses if there is any damage to the fabric or rings.

• Check that baby is safely positioned in the sling according to instructions for use.

• Check on the baby often. Ensure that the baby is periodically repositioned. Failure to pay attention can lead to falls or failure to notice distress.

• If using the sling while breastfeeding, always move the baby’s face away from the breast after feeding and then reposition baby upright.

• Never leave a baby in a sling that is not being worn.

• Never use the sling while engaging in activities such as cooking and cleaning that involve a heat source or exposure to chemicals. The fabric is not flame resistant.

• Never wear the sling while driving or being a passenger in a motor vehicle.

• Never place more than one child in a baby carrier. Never use more than one baby carrier at the same time.

• Never use the sling in any body of water.

• Keep baby facing towards the caregiver. Never face a baby outwards before they have head control.

• Use only the positions that are appropriate for your baby’s age. For example: a newborn should only be carried in the newborn hold for appropriate neck support.

• Be mindful of your baby’s temperature, always ensuring he is comfortable.

• Use caution around mechanical equipment. The tail could get caught.

• If baby resists being held in the sling, gently take baby out of the sling and try again later.

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