Baby Carrier Nests



Baby Carrier Nests

For your small one, this is a cute and sensible investment. This bag may be used everywhere because it is lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport your infant. It is also washable. The bag has a zipper closing that provides a secure fit and ensures safety.

  • The outer and inside fabric is made of cotton cloth, which is of high quality.
  • Soft and warm, with a double-sided zipper that makes it easy to get into and out of the baby.
  • Good for newborn baby use as a swaddler/blanket that is comfortable in all seasons.

Care Instructions:
1. It can be hand washed if the water temperature is less than 35 degrees Celsius.
2. It should be hung to dry rather than ironed.
3. Adjustable and safe.

Package Includes:
One Baby Carrier Nests

Return or Exchange Policy
This piece is available both for return or exchange policy.


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