Baby Swaddle Wrap (Train)



Swaddle Wrap

Swaddling is a method of securing a baby by tightly wrapping him or her in a blanket. Swaddle Wrap is made at Gochikko out of the softest cloth with bright designs and prints. The breathable, natural, and wonderfully soft fabric will comfort your little one in the best way possible while making your lives easier.

  • Size: 66 cm in width and 56 cm in height
  • Bendable section in the middle of the top that allows you to look underneath the cover.
  • Can see the baby since the loops are perfectly looped out at the top, but they aren’t tightly covered.
  • Perfect for a newborn baby who has not yet learned to roll over and prefers to be swaddled in their arms.
  • Material: Made of soft cotton for maximum comfort.

    Care Instructions:
    Machine wash, Do not Bleach, Hand wash

    Package Includes:

    One Train Swaddle

Return or Exchange Policy
This piece is available both for return or exchange policy.


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